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April 22 -17

Porsche Sweden delivered its first 991.2 GTS on swedish soil and we celebrated with cars & coffee outside Il Café.   

Beautiful lineup with almost all 991.2 editions represented, coupled with excellent espresso and car gossip!               

Aug 27 -17

We inspect the hyped BMW M2 coupled with a great cup of coffee outside Il Café. Cars & coffee is a really great way to experience the auto motoring world.

Sep 23 -17

The facelifted Golf R my 2017 is an exceptional combination of practicality and powerful all out fun car. Great handling and performance throughout. As always outside our favorite coffee shop Il Café.

Okt 21 -17

Game time with Ford Focus RS. Another hyped machine that stands out as hard core with great handling and over all lovely character. Perhaps too hard core for some, but price performance vice up there with the best.


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